1.  Conservative of the Year:
Glenn Beck Fan
In a landslide, Glenn Beck Fan took Conservative of the Year!
2.  Liberal of the Year:
Random Citizen
Not a random win–another landslide victory!
3.  Other Political Leaning Poster of the Year:
He gunned for this award while not falling into the trap of taking himself too seriously!
4.  Ostentatious Linguist/Anal Grammarian of the Year:
At prose a master, he may be a musophobist, but, his posts never balatronic, he barely overwhelmed Book_Worms tally to claim this prestigious award.
5.  Newcomer of the Year:
Over 1,000 posts in less than a hundred days–a valuable new contributor to LNF!
6.  Returning Poster of the Year:
A very tight race with Jasmine, requiring a runoff vote.  Book_Worm volunteered to withdraw, but the nomination and the votes were there.  She goes home with “the prize”!  (…the prize being an invisible statue she can place on the mantle.)
7.  Nemeses of the Year (Debate Opponents):
Thomas_Paine vs. Confederates
Outrivaling “quiller vs. SORAL,” this one also required a runoff vote.  Thomas_Paine must be busy taking on all those Confederates single-handedly!
8.  Antagonist of the Year:
He’s made the insult into an art.  (Get it?)
9.  Interesting/Thought-provoking Poster of the Year:
Mercy for All
Surprise winner, edging out TowardLiberty!  (Didn’t see that coming…)
10.  Financial/Economics Wiz of the Year:
In the tightest race of the poll, pepe topped taxed and TowardLiberty to win this category again!
11.  Tech/Science Nerd of the Year:
Hey…don’t you claim to be old?  How do you keep up with the technology?
12.  Tin Foil Hat/Conspiracy Theorist of the Year:
Kim Ung-Yong (WALTERJONE1976)
Won with a significant margin to take kathaksung’s place as the conspiracy theorist of LNF!
13.  Drama King/Queen of the Year:
SORAL barely bested SiouxRebel for this award.  Sorry Harry, you’re going to have to try a little harder next year…
14.  Controversial Poster of the Year:
I hope nobody’s going to argue about this one…there’s enough controversy.
15.  Religious Poster of the Year:
Mercy for All
Praise the Lord! Wink
16.  Humorous Poster of the Year:
Won by a long shot; maybe someone should write a skit or something about this award.
17.  Quote of the Year (from a sig line or a thread):
Dreadnaught1968 – “I could care less about apathy”
I don’t care enough to leave a comment about this one.
18.  Sig Pic of the Year:
Wins it again!
19.  Nicest/Friendliest Poster of the Year:
Our bug wins again!
20.  Overall LNF Poster of the Year:
Glenn Beck Fan
In a pretty tight race, Glenn Beck Fan takes the top!
Congratulations to all the winners!

Once agains Mercy For All did a great job.

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