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Normal Topic URGENT:  eradicate abortion before Bush leave (Read 723 times)
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URGENT:  eradicate abortion before Bush leave
Dec 13th, 2008 at 4:05pm
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Dear fellow Christians,

I am doing my best to understand how this system works and I hope I am doing it correctly.

I am letting you know because I believe you would want to know that there is a criminal complaint at the Justice Dept in the US that has been side-stepped for justice. The complaint can eradicate abortion, by addressing corruption.

I have sent a petition to Bush on December 8, and will continue sending signatures thereafter, asking him to fast-track it through Justice and then see what he can do to get it put on the Supreme Court docket.

I am cut-and-pasting my press release information into this post so you can have a gist of the complaint's potential as well as links to more information, and, of course, the petition. It's an outrage that a petition has to be sent because all we're asking for is the enforcement of just laws that already exist sufficiently, but I am doing the petition too even so.

I ask that you call the White House 202 456 1111 and the media to find out how Bush will act on this matter.  Or this is what we have to look forward to:

~link removed~

I thank you for your attention to this matter and hope that you are grateful for the information,

In Christ,

Anna Maria Agolli

Press release follows:

December 9, 2008, Washington, DC
Anna Maria Agolli sent a petition to George Bush on December 8.  It requests the fast-tracking through Justice Department of a federal criminal complaint that can serve to eradicate abortion, and to do the possible to request that it be put on the U.S. Supreme Court docket. Complaint subjects include Arlington diocese and Falls Church and Arlington police departments in Virginia. The petition is available to be read and signed on the website, along with other information including a summary and some key documents being posted ongoing.  Additional petition signatures will be forwarded to Bush.
Unlike other instruments that are pro-life per se, obtaining justice in the Loverde complaint would not automatically be refused by the U.S. Supreme Court because the complaint requires on-the-record investigation/prosecution of specific crimes that may also be sufficiently representative for the Justice Department to enact laws about.  This complaint has not been handled to procure justice, and so its outcome should interest the entire country, pro-life, pro-choice, Republican and Democrat, all.  
If George Bush can only initiate this action, Barack Obama may well insure its conclusion in justice notwithstanding its profound pro-life potential because this complaint truly addresses enforcement of the law with disinterest, which protects us all.  The crimes do not consist only of such as would lynchpin abortion issues and expose the progressive agenda, i.e., violent violations of first amendment rights, arbitrary and capricious abuse of discretion by law enforcement, obstruction of justice, etc.  The crimes consist also of horror stories of insurance company ill-use of policyholders, the disabled.  The handling of this complaint shows how unprotected the most defenseless of us are when the law is not enforced with disinterest.  No U.S. President can publicly ignore that.

No pro-life instrument has succeeded in ending abortion even with pro-life Presidents because the forums require enforced disinterest and do not always have it.  If specific instances of numerous corrupt acts with a self-serving collective goal to protect the subjects of the complaint are addressed for justice so as to cause a reversal of those corrupt acts, this sets precedent for prosecution and reversal of other corrupt actions, thus laying the groundwork to end abortion, which became legal corruptly.  
Anna Maria Agolli
Feast of the Holy Innocents*The End of Herod

The most dynamic pro-life advocate I know, with stories upon stories of saved children that show a methodology that is realistic and really works. It is not surprising that Anna’s experiences and work also gained the necessary instrument to eradicate abortion and all that brought us abortion as the macabre solution to life.
Patrizia Krischik

More information can be obtained as follows:
~links removed~
Petition text:    ~link removed~
To Sign Petition:  ~link removed~
See Key Documents:
~link removed~
Letter to Ted Kennedy: ~link removed~
Homepage:  ~link removed~

Although your intentions are noble, joining for the purposes of posting links to other sites is not allowed.

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