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Re: Group Story (Fantasy)
Reply #50 - Mar 25th, 2013 at 9:26am
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Some time passed and still Arklen had not returned. Brother Wood decided that he would check up on him. After all, Arklen seemed to have had a bit too much mead.

Borrowing a lantern from the counter, Brother Wood walked out into the dark night and made his way to the stable behind the inn. The two soldiers were guarding the wain. Brother Wood inquired as to the whereabouts of Arklen.

"He was here a while ago to check on the wain, then made his way to the market", answered one of the soldiers. "He seemed like he'd enjoyed himself a bit too much", he added with a chuckle.

Brother Wood began walking to the market square. Suddenly, he heard a great row up ahead. There were several voices shouting all at once. Brother Wood walked faster towards the sounds of this squabble. He turned the corner and saw a crowd up ahead, some of them holding torches.

Suddenly, he heard a familiar voice speak up in a slurred tone. "Ain't you ever heard of respect? Well, I'll have to learn you, then..."

As Brother Wood ran toward the crowd, he heard a horrible cry.
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Re: Group Story (Fantasy)
Reply #51 - Dec 2nd, 2013 at 11:49am
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Brother Wood stepped into a chaotic scene. A man lay stabbed on the street. Arklen stood over him, breathing heavily, holding a bloody knife. around them, a crowd of about a dozen stood, frozen in horror.

"He stabbed him!", someone cried out. "Murderer!", cried another.

Arklen gazed down at the still breathing figure on the ground, uttered a small cry, and looked up at the cleric, who had made his way to the center of the crowd.

"I didn't mean it", he whimpered softly. "Please, brother, help me".

Brother Wood sighed, then knelt by the stabbed man. He took a small pouch from his belt, removed a pinch of powder, and sprinkled it around the wound as he muttered an incantation in the ancient tongue spoken by adepts of Aes. The wound began to glow softly as it sealed up, and the victim sat up slowly, his breathing returning to normal.

The crowd was in awe. "He's a mage!", cried one voice. Brother Wood took Arklen by the arm and hastily ran back to the inn, taking an alternate route so as to avoid the handful of citizens who were following them, hoping to catch a glimpse of where the mage was staying.
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Re: Group Story
Reply #52 - Feb 13th, 2018 at 4:40pm
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And while Dommen started digging into the dirt with his bare hands, Derek was thinking �Something is wrong here, but I can�t put my finger on it.� And right when he was about to advise caution, Dommen jumped back with a faint cry and a look of intense surprise on his face. �My hands!� He said brandishing them up in the air for everyone to see and even in the vacillating light of the torch they appeared red and blistery as if he had just dunked them in boiling water. �Let�s get out of this devil�s owned den! Fast!� Shouted Derek with authority.� He now realized a little late what was wrong about the whole thing. If there was no living things on that square then it meant that it was poisonous to life itself, all life!

Fortunately, Dommen wounds looked worse than they were, the skin was blistery in places but he could still move his fingers. Of course that would mean that he would be out of commission for quite some time as no one can be expected to do anything with burned hands but Derek wasn't an ingrate and would see to it that Dommen is taken care of. That is more than can be said of most of his peers in these barbaric times though and that made Lord Derek very appreciated by his subjects.

�So Dommen, asked Derek, why didn't you stop digging before your hands get this badly burned?�
Dommen was incredulous of what had just befallen him. He had never seen or even heard of something like that. �It was the strangest thing, me Lord, It was like the fire in my hands was coming from the inside, as if some devil had just willed them to burn by themselves!�

�There is something magic about this place, me Lord, maybe we�re offending some wicked spirit with our presence.�
Derek was thinking along the same lines himself but he was a good leader� and as such he knew that he should do all he could to minimize the incident or superstitious panic would soon make his men ungovernable as courageous and valuable as they were when magic was not involved.

So he said out loud and with authority, so that nobody around could miss it: �Don�t be an idiot, Dommen, you probably put your hands on that poisonous nettle that grows around here. I've heard that some of it gives burns that look very much like your own!�
�But I didn't�� Started Dommen, �Are you calling your Lord a liar?� Said DEREK angrily! �No of course not, me Lord�� Responded Dommen humbly. �Well, then shut your pie hole and you�d better not say otherwise to others, right? You've been burned by poison nettle and that�s the end of it!�
�I understand, me Lord� Said Dommen even more humble.
Now Derek was thinking: � So, there was some truth after all in these fables that they used to tell us when we were children.�

Nice bit of writing!

Queshank wrote on Oct 25th, 2018 at 9:13am:

I've been thinking about how I can respond conversationally without coming across as a total dick.

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