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A true hero (redux).
Mar 20th, 2013 at 12:00pm
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« Give me that! » Said George a bit more brusquely than Timmy’s little infraction warranted.
“But Dad, the letter seemed normal enough…” started Timmy but George was only paying peripheral attention to his son and was focused on the card. “Dad!” Asked Timmy “I’ve never been to a bar mitzvah, how’s that like?” We’ll talk about that later.” Said George after which he left the room and went to his study, where he took a closer look at the card. It read “Please join us
as Jack Samuel
becomes a Bar Mitzvah
on Saturday, the tenth of March
at ten o'clock in the morning
Temple Beth
Smithtown, Michigan”
“So the moment has come…” Thought George, he knew exactly what he had to do. So he executed his instructions to the letter…

As he was leaving his home and driving down the street his wife Martha was coming with her car on the other side of the street. He saw her but as instructed he pretended not to.
Martha was waving at her husband but he didn’t seem to notice her. “He must be preoccupied.” She thought and then in an instant of panic. “Timmy!!” with the sense of foreboding that mothers feel when something isn’t quite right, she drove her car to the garage a little faster than usual and then left it, door ajar, keys on the ignition and motor still running. “Timmy! TIMMY! WHERE ARE YOU!”
“I am over here, Mom!”  Said Timmy, with more than a little confusion in the tone of his voice. “I saw your dad leaving,” she said in a half reassured, half curious tone “Did he tell you where he was going?”
“He didn’t say Mom, but he’s been acting all weird since…” “Since what?” Asked Martha “Well, you know as usual I got the mail from the mail box but there was this bizarre little envelope that caught my eye… so I opened it and when I told Dad what it said he took it from my hands… and he seemed angry… sort of. So I tried to explain; but before I could say anything he was gone to his study.”
“That’s strange,” Said Martha “and what did it say?”
“Well, it was an invitation” Answered Timmy.
“What sort of invitation?” Asked Martha becoming suspicious as the pieces seemed to fall in place.
“It was for a bar mitzvah…” Said Timmy.
“A bar mitzvah!!” “Oh my God!” thought Martha. “The name?” “What was the name of the boy?”
“I am not sure” said Timmy “something Samuel, Jake or Jim..” “Or Jack!” Said Martha.
“Yes,” confirmed Timmy  “That’s it!” “Jack Samuel” “You know him?”
Martha’s tone of voice and demeanor changed radically, she was speaking like a professional, sort of like a cop or an agent. “Wait here” said Martha and then she went to George’s study. “The remains of the card were in an ashtray and the ashes had been fingered so one could only guess what was in it but something told Martha that that had to be the invitation.
Then Martha came back to the living room and told Timmy, “Put your coat on, we’re going away!”
“But Mom, Shouldn’t you start making dinner?” Asked Timmy, a little dismayed by the turn of events. “Later, Timmy, we have some more urgent matters to attend to” Timmy barely recognized his mother’s voice as she was speaking in a way that he didn’t know she was even capable of.
George was now at the rendezvous point and the man he was expecting was right on time, no greetings, no pleasantries, they both went right to the point “So it has been confirmed.” Said George with a touch of sadness in his voice. “There’s no doubt about it, just follow your instructions to the letter, we’ll take care of the rest.”
Timmy was now in a little room with three men and his Mom. The men looked like the cops on TV, they were interrogating him. “So Timmy,” asked one of them “Did you get a good look at the envelope?” “I did.” Said Timmy but I only remember it vaguely. “That’s not a problem” Said the man, “we have a drug that can summon up the memory from your mind and while on it you’ll be able to tell us precisely what you saw.”
<To Be Continued>
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Re: A true hero (redux).
Reply #1 - Mar 21st, 2013 at 12:06pm
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“So,” Asked Martha with the detachment of a professional,” what’s the word.” “It’s genuine,” said the man, “at least as far as we can tell.” “Well, then,” said Martha with the authority of a general talking to her troops “We will proceed as planned.”

George was walking down the street. Everything was working according to plan, maybe with a little luck they would get out of there without more damage than necessary.

When, all of a sudden, Martha was there, facing him a gun firmly held in her hand, that she was pointing at him. “Martha!” Said George, “Martha, don’t do that!” “I am sorry George, “Said she “I really am, but I must” and then she squeezed the trigger…

And nothing happened. Martha looked dumbfounded, she watched her gun. “It’s been disabled, Martha.” We were onto you for months, your every move was watched and they also knew about the safe where you keep all your weapons.” Martha, looked at George with an air of deep sadness “I am so sorry George but I had to…” “I know said George” ”I’ll get you through this, I know it’s not your fault”

“No,” said Martha “You don’t understand.” And she collapsed with a cry of pain. “Martha! Nooo!” Said George “Don’t! Don’t leave me!” “it’s too late George” Said Martha, now she was writhing in pain and her eyes were rolling in their sockets. “George!” “Yes Martha” Said George, tears rolling down his cheeks.” Take good care… of our son.” “I will !” Said George “I promise, I love you Martha!” “I love you George…Божией Матери !” And then she was dead.

“We arrested the dentist also.” Said the general, “He had to be part of the conspiracy. Since he’s the one who implanted the hollow tooth with the poison in her jaw”  “I was hoping that she wasn’t the one.” Said George, “But after they had confirmed that the other seven suspects didn’t react positively to the test, it had to be her.”

“Indeed,” Said the general,” Eight women, all of foreign origin, “All teenagers when they immigrated.” “One of them had these memories implanted in her.” “Arresting them would have led us nowhere as they weren’t even aware of them until they learned of the message.” “We knew what the content of the message would be, at least in large part. But we didn’t know some details like the typeface or the eventual filigrees or ornaments.

So we had to deliver the message through a third party.” “Timmy.” Said George “Yes, we implanted Timmy with all the details that we had on the message with the further subconscious instruction that he would only deliver it if subjected to chemical interrogation.”  “Yes,” said George, “with the incomplete picture that we had that mise en scene  was the best we could have done.”  “Everything else would have to seem natural” Timmy finding the letter and opening it as he was instructed to do unconsciously. Timmy remembering only fuzzily the letter on a conscious level…etc.

“What were they planning to do” Asked George “Well,” answered the general “Since you’re sworn to secrecy and the whole thing has been dismantled anyway then I suppose I can tell you” “They were planning to kill the president. Martha would have been the one to pull the trigger. “But why did she try to kill me?” “It was a test” said the general , “A confirmation, that she would have gone through with the mission.” “I see, but what if she had killed Timmy instead?” “Even with the mental conditioning that she had been subjected to, they couldn’t take the risk, forcing a mother to kill her own son, would have been too much against nature itself to be surpassed by mind control.”

“And we owe it all to one of our best agents, he’s been there undercover for years until he was able to gain their confidence and that’s when he was able to get this information and bring it to us.”

“And speak of the devil, here he comes, how are you today Lee? “I am great general, thank you!” “You really did a great job, finding all these details about the operation. Thanks to you we were able to trigger it and destroy the whole spy nest.” “I am glad that it worked out so well general, besides I am a great admirer of our President” “Too bad your intervention will have to stay a secret and even your commendation will have to be kept… classified” “I understand, general” “But I am certain “Said the general “That a young man of such worth as you will accomplish great things in the open, and that someday, you’ll be even mentioned in the history books”

“You flatter me, general!”
“No I mean it. Things would be a lot better if we had more people like you around.”

“Lee Harvey Oswald, you are…

A true hero.”

The end.
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