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Liberty News ForumLNF Forums HerePolitical Opinion Page - The Hot Seat › Sanders: 'We have got to apologize for slavery'
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Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies) Sanders: 'We have got to apologize for slavery' (Read 7,604 times)
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Re: Sanders: 'We have got to apologize for slavery'
Reply #100 - Jul 14th, 2015 at 1:01pm
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Fiddler wrote on Jul 13th, 2015 at 3:26pm:
Yes.. Liberal progressive white men from the North..

In the South, Conservative white men lead their states into war trying to conserve the institution of slavery.

wow, now that is a re-writing of history....anyone who has studied any amount of history knows that it was white southern democrats who were the major supporters of slavery....there were almost no republicans in the south at the can look this info up you know...

Lincoln and the republicans were the ones who fought this below is cut and pasted, but all true:

The Republican Party, also commonly called the GOP (for "Grand Old Party"), is the second oldest existing political party in the United States after its great rival, the Democratic Party. It emerged in 1854 to combat the Kansas–Nebraska Act, which threatened to extend slavery into the territories, and to promote more vigorous modernization of the economy. The Party had almost no presence in the South, but by 1858 in the North it had enlisted former Whigs and former Free Soil Democrats to form majorities in nearly every Northern state.

With its election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, and its success in guiding the Union to victory and abolishing slavery, it came to dominate the national political scene until 1932. The Republican Party was based on northern white Protestants, businessmen, small business owners, professionals, factory workers, farmers, and African-Americans. It was pro-business, supporting banks, the gold standard, railroads, and high tariffs to protect factory workers and grow industry faster.

really, the problem I have with most on the left, is no matter what the subject they simply just make up stuff....and it would be so easy just to learn the truth...

do you ever feel at all foolish when most all of your posts are rebutted and shown to be completely made up and you have any shame....or maybe you are just a troll???

as Reagan famously and accurately  stately, liberals know so much that isn't true...

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Liberty News ForumLNF Forums HerePolitical Opinion Page - The Hot Seat › Sanders: 'We have got to apologize for slavery'

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