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Normal Topic Luke 14:15-24 (Read 846 times)
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Luke 14:15-24
Jan 16th, 2016 at 10:13am
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I read this passage this morning and had an interesting thought; I figured if I posted it here, I wouldn't lose it. I always wondered why Jesus corrected the man who said, "Blessed is the one who will eat at the feast in the kingdom of God.

Jesus countered with examples showing how people, given the invitation, would turn it down. In that culture, a dinner expectation would be expected to be reciprocated; the invitation carried implied honour, obligation, and cost. So it's almost like responders are saying, this is a great honor, but it will cost me. I must take care of myself first.

Given that context, I'm wondering if the first statement the man makes carries the implication that the one who is blessed is the one who gets himself to the feast: "Blessed is the one who manages to get himself to the feast in the kingdom of God."

Jesus' response: nobody "gets himself there." Nobody can earn his way to the feast. Those who think they can will find the obligation too great. Those who know they cannot repay because they recognize their own poverty will gladly accept the merciful invitation. In the end, it's not about "what we bring to the table," but the lavish generosity of the host.

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Re: Luke 14:15-24
Reply #1 - Jan 16th, 2016 at 10:36am
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Interesting passage, there seems to be a lot going on. He starts of by offending his host via healing a man on that Sabbath day. He then tells his proud hosts that they should come as beggars or lowly men when invited to a feast. They should come as people who have nothing to offer or no true right to be there. As if to say they are there only by the generosity and grace of God, and realizing that (which I believe is synonymous with faith) they will receive undue honor (in Christ). It then seems to end with counting the cost and holding everything else in relative low esteem compared being Christ's disciple.

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