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Normal Topic A Funny Thing Happened... (Read 825 times)
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A Funny Thing Happened...
Aug 24th, 2016 at 6:01pm
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Greetings, all!

I'm retired military and a funny thing happened the other day when I picked up one of my prescriptions on base.

The clerk (a volunteer - nice lady) when through all of the steps normally associated with filling prescription. All seemed normal.

Then, just before she handed me my prescription (blood pressure meds) she got kind of embarrased and said, "The Government requires me to ask the following questions. Do you have a job?"

I thought this was kind of strange, but as I have nothing to hide. I said, "Yes".

If this had been all there was, I would have chalked it up to bureaucratic nonsense. The next question, however, took me completely by surprise.

"Are you carrying a concealed weapon?"

Had I been at a civilian pharmacy, out in town, I wouldn't have been so taken aback. But, I was on a military installation where access to firearms is strictly controlled. There are very tight restrictions on the ownership and handling of privately owned firearms on military installations. Had I said, yes, I"m sure the base would have been put on lockdown and security police would have appeared out of nowhere and body-slammed me to the deck!

However, I answered honestly and said, "No". I resisted the urge to ask her if I had "Stupid" written on my forehead - I know better than to carry concealed on any government installation.

And... that was it. She handed me my pills and I was on my way. No explanation. No nothing!

I'm just curious if this is a blanket policy of the military (the USAF in this case) or if there was something about me, personally, that prompted this line of questioning?

I'm also wondering if any other veterans may have had a similar experience.

Finally, I was intrigued that she said the Government, rather than the Air Force required her to ask those questions. I wondered if this might be more of Barrack Hussein Obama's Jihad against gun owners.
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Re: A Funny Thing Happened...
Reply #1 - Aug 24th, 2016 at 7:31pm
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Do you know anyone who you might have served with you can ask?
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Liberty News ForumLNF Forums HereHistory, Military Forum, Guns, Survival topics › A Funny Thing Happened...

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