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out of here for good
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Rock n Roll
Oct 14th, 2016 at 2:12am
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I was thinking tonight of the lack of rock n roll times  so i wrote this got anything to ad to it?

No gas ass or grass  nobody rides for free

that was a old bumper sticker i remember someone had back in 70s   

they grew it  in hawaii    and columbia  buds of gold    it was something cool many years ago

long hair and weed   volkswagon bus a little bit of rust   basement floors of stems n seeds

what the hell  oh what the hey    look at what them kids are up to today

i phone  cell phone computer games too   hybrid cars rap pop tunes

colored hair  ear  lobes red n blue   

cam o  truck   cam o hat       atv    will mud on through that   

stereo   where did ya go    along with rock n roll    

nite   with   day   day with nite    gone now atlantic city life

they cannot joke   clean in bob hope way  memories of yesterday gone away

401 k      told its going great   but really its all pissed away

peace   yeah right   its a never ending fight     battle rattle gear we got to  wear here

they say only black lives matter   to them crazies white lives don't 

Get out of there way there throwing sticks n stones    

where we headed   where we go     who put the dagger through the rock n roll ?


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