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Lunch box & Thermos
Oct 24th, 2016 at 12:36pm
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I had  to share my feelings of how awesome it is  to bust my butt but have and be lucky to have a lunch box and thermos to look forward to refresh my hunger  at lunch when i take one

Lunch box  holds  the cure to my hunger

working hard  making sweat  stress I'm under

Lunch Box  gives me energy   makes me look towards  a goal

makes me feel  better     fresh food n treat not moldy old

Lunch box you're handle so strong 

lunchtime  comes    I'm happy singing a song

Lunch box  holds so much  inside for me

Lunch box we been through hell and back
through lots long days  and nights  overtime and that
but what i look forward too every single day is my lunch break to take the hunger away

Coffee  mug   thermos   is a savor too    keeps me warmed up  way below minus 22

Coffee mug thermos and my lunch box    savors in my life  nobody better rip off

Lunch box    and thermos  tested and true   you folks get you're own to satisfy you

Fill it up  stuff it full   pack it good    on the go    working hard  every day n night

its like heaven seeing my lunch box and thermos  at break time  man what a sight


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