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Hot Topic (More than 10 Replies) obamacare - the ultimate troll (Read 1,294 times)
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Re: obamacare - the ultimate troll
Reply #20 - Mar 20th, 2017 at 2:17pm
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forgotten centrist wrote on Mar 20th, 2017 at 6:13am:
Trumpcare does leave the basic obamacare footprint in place, it just waters everything down.  Instead of the individual mandate, insurance companies will put a 30% surcharge on anyone who has skipped insurance.  Instead of subsidizing insurance for the poor, it subsidizes insurance for the old.

I don't know why it would surprise you that democrats oppose watering down obamacare. 

It doesn't surprise me at all.  It is a proposal by the opposing party.  So of course they will oppose it.

I was just trying to makes heads or tails of the competing statements you have made.

But, at the same time you are realizing that democrats oppose watering down Obamacare, you must also realize why it is that republicans oppose the un-watered down version.  Just like democrat opposition, it is a lot of politics.  The opposing party supports something, so we don't want to support it.  But, also, because it is opposed to their values.

Obamacare is not at all a perfect approach -- it has needed maintenance and improvements by legislation for years.  But not in the direction of weakening everything.  For all its flaws, it has cut the rate of health cost inflation dramatically.  Fundamentally weakening it will reliably and predictably bring us back to double-digit health cost increases, just like we had before.

We will have to wait and see.

Also, the "watering down" in some cases is severe -- particularly with regard to subsidizing the poor.  The subsidies will drop so low that we'll be coming back to the era of bankruptcy-driven healthcare -- people will get treatment, pay as long as they can, declare bankruptcy, and those costs will be distributed to us all through higher prices.

Do you have a source with the numbers on this?  We hear this a lot.  But never see it supported with actual numbers.  What share of provider costs come from people declaring bankruptcy and not paying?

Trumpcare is basically trying to roll back obamacare without eliminating it, and provides large tax cuts by making large subsidy cuts.  As such, it is opening itself up to attacks from left and right.

The thing is -- most of republican opposition to obamacare came about not through opposition to its core framework, but through opposition to Obama. 

Then why the hell are so many of them still opposed to it in this oh so watered down state when it is being pushed solely by republicans?  If this one "opens itself up to attacks from...the right", then clearly there is quite a lot of reason to oppose Obamacare from the right.  A great deal more than Trumpcare.

If obamacare had never passed, and we'd had 8 more years of massive health cost inflation, and Trump now proposed the exact same bill -- republicans would be singing hallelujah.  Finally FINALLY someone enacts a market-driven approach the way we proposed in the 90s, and the way Romney demonstrated so successfully in MA!

Again, how can you say that given how many of them hate Trumpcare? I think you are more than just a little off in your prediction of how people would react to the hypothetical you propose.
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Liberty News ForumLNF Forums HerePolitical Opinion Page - The Hot Seat › obamacare - the ultimate troll

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