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Infinite sophitry:
Jun 15th, 2017 at 12:25pm
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One "counter argument" that we often hear when we ask about the odds of one humongous all powerful sky daddy appearing out of nothing (odds that must be extremely low considering that unlike life, god had to appear perfect and wholly armed (like Athena) from the very start and with all his knowledge (kinda like an insect) because you can't posit evolution about god, I mean if we're going to resort to evolution to explain god then we might as well use evolution to explain us!) So god all perfect with an infinite knowledge and infinite powers appearing out of nothing, has to be infinitely improbable, IOW impossible.

So since they don't want to go down that road, they say "God didn't have to appear, he's eternal!"

and so it is a sophism of the higher magnitude. You see you can't posit a characteristic of something that you don't know exist in order to prove that it exists.

For instance:

1) My car is expensive

2) If my car didn't exist it wouldn't be expensive.

3) therefore my car exists AND is expensive!


1) god is eternal

2) if god didn't exist he wouldn't be  eternal.

3) therefore god exists AND is eternal too boot (buy one, get one  free!!! yay!)

When Q hears gallop noises he doesn't think zebras; he thinks there's a Democrat behind a curtain, making gallop noises.
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