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Normal Topic Slavery in the New World (Read 210 times)
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Slavery in the New World
Oct 9th, 2017 at 5:53pm
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excellent read for anyone who actually might want to learn something new and not just reinforce their indoctrination and many myths and misconceptions bout slavery in "the New World"   ~   And the Truth shall set Ye free....

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Re: Slavery in the New World
Reply #1 - Oct 9th, 2017 at 6:09pm
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Did you really just post a link from American Renaissance?! That's the white identity website ran by Jarred Taylor!

For God's sake, man!

Reading this article is painful. I see claims such as:

"It was the Portuguese who ultimately transported more slaves across the Atlantic than any other nation"

"All told, North America received only five to six percent of the Africans who were shipped West. Far more went to Brazil and the Caribbean"

"Other authors have written that conditions on board were so unhealthful that white crewmembers died at about the same rate as slaves."

My response is to say, so what?

What is the project here? Is the point to argue that slavery really wasn't that bad? Really wasn't so horrible?

Yes, Africans sold other Africans into slavery. Yes, many slaves were sent to many other parts of the world. Yes, many slaves were fed and clothed and sheltered.

Yes. Yes. Yes.

What's the point? None of that changes anything about the essential nature of slavery.

I simply do not understand the project this author is engaging in.

And for a final quote from the article.

Prof. Davis notes that the economics of slavery is still a subject of debate — people disagree as to whether it was more productive or profitable than free labor. Would America have developed more rapidly if all those blacks had been wage earners rather than slaves? This debate is fruitless so long as it ignores racial differences. British abolitionists believed post-revolution Haiti would become a model of prosperity because they did not understand the differences between blacks and whites.

Um... excuse me?

What was that?
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