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I knew that .

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All That I Require
Oct 11th, 2017 at 3:31pm
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Radney Foster

The song is about the cautionary tale of whatever happens when we succumb to anger. I got angry, but then I remember that my faith tells me Jesus wants me to love my neighbor as I want to be loved. So I gotta write this from that point of view.

I started asking myself, as a singer songwriter, what would Woody Guthrie do? I ended up doing a bunch of research — where's the origin of this [speech]? I started researching Stalin on the left and Mussolini, Franco, and Hitler on the right. It never ends well. It ends badly. It took Spain 60 years to get over Franco.

I wrote ["All That I Require"] and sent it to another buddy of mine who will remain nameless, and I said, "should I put this out?" He said, "if you don't, I quit." We're a little independent record label; we can go, "Ok, let's just do it."


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