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Re: The Last Jedi - Why do people like this crap? (Spoilers)
Reply #10 - Apr 23rd, 2018 at 6:01pm
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Maestro wrote on Apr 23rd, 2018 at 5:05pm:
I would offer one more suggestion. Go watch the movie with a kid. I have a boy and girl ages 5 and 8. We saw it together as a family (second time for me and my wife. We watch PG 13 movies together first before bringing the kids just in case). They were sooooooo excited while watching the movie and after. They talked about little else for days. I saw myself watching ROTJ with my grandmother reflected in both of my kids' faces. It was awesome.

Awesome response Maestro and first I just have to say you're completely wrong.  Not just wrong, but catastrophically ... unforgivably wrong.

And I'll explain why when I've got more time for an in depth response. 

But I have to say I completely get what you're saying about how enjoyment of a movie can be the company you keep. 

I went to see Wonder Woman in the movie theatres with my daughter.  She's 22 at the time we watched it.  But it still seemed every bit the great movie all the reviewers suggest it was.  And I was getting tired of the "GIRL POWAH!" rhetoric around the movie.  Something about being able to make predictions and chat about the movie as it developed with my daughter ... with a well done female super hero in the starring role ... just made the movie better.

Not long ago I tried rewatching it by myself on my Ipad one night when I couldn't sleep.  I was so freaking bored by how stupid and drawn out the movie is in the second half I simply shut it off and didn't finish watching it.

To set the stage for me watching this, I was home alone for a weekend.  I took a break from coding.  I messaged my childhood friend who lives in Kansas now and said "Is Last Jedi any good?"  He said "Yeah.  Obviously we're not 7 anymore and it's not as good as the originals, but I went with my kids and we really liked it."

So I watched it by myself ... texting back and forth with my friend reminiscing about the originals while I watched it.  "WTF? Leia can fly now?"

And I nearly shut it off towards the end.  I forced myself to watch the whole thing because ... it's freaking STAR WARS man!  My Kansas friend and I lived Star Wars as kids.  We saw A New Hope 14 times at the theatres, walking downtown to the Capital theatre every summer when it returned.  We had the figures.  I had a Millenium Falcon.  He had a death star. 

It's not a movie to watch by yourself as a devoted Star Wars disciple.   That's for sure.


BowHunter wrote on Nov 30th, 2017 at 10:24am:
I am not aware of any article
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Liberty News ForumLNF Forums HereEntertainment Board › The Last Jedi - Why do people like this crap? (Spoilers)

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