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Hate-Whitey Racists Are Poison
Apr 16th, 2018 at 2:25pm
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Hate-Whitey Racists Are Poison

By: James Lewis
April 16, 2018

Sane people have to wonder at the doped up left on the campuses, which keeps trying to turn reality upside-down.

Today we hear that the AP has a new "history textbook" with the premise that "white people have a hard time adjusting to becoming a minority."

This is another Marxist lie, of course, and it is also racist and malicious.  I think we can guess who paid for this piece of toxic trash.

This could be called the new Obama School of Racism, since Obama kept dropping hints that Caucasian Americans didn't build this country.  It is statistically false and misleading, and it accuses American whites of racism – more than half a century after the Civil Right Revolution.  This is utter and complete trash, and by implication, it is racist, of course.

Hillary proclaimed that normal people who voted for Trump are "deplorables."  But of course it's Hillary and Obama who are the extreme demagogues, outliers in the long course of human civilization – on the great Eurasian continent, in the Americas, in Africa, and in the Indo-Pacific region.

Polynesians are not black.  Chinese are not black.  Malay peoples are not black.  The Irish are not black, except for the ones born to Spanish sailors.  Africans in the Maghreb are not black.  The famous San click-speaking peoples of Africa are not black.  But equatorial peoples need a darker skin to avoid skin cancer.  Big deal.

Meso-Americans (who are Mongolians genetically) have a beautiful bronze color.  So do some Eurasian peoples.  The Andaman Islanders of Australia are black.  Michelle Obama is a genuine African-American and therefore has a great mahogany color.  Obama is half-white and half-Luo, and his skin is kind of yellowish.  Go figure.

This whole AP "history text" is part of the old Marxist divide-and-conquer strategy that has taken over our precious universities, largely by fear and mob intimidation, and certainly not by rational persuasion.  Rational persuasion is dead.  The left has killed it, the way it always does.

But our tradition – the tradition of civilized peoples around the world – is not the Nazi-like Farrakhan race-hate that too many young people are being taught.  This is a huge, mendacious scandal, and it's about time to call them on it.  The U.S. Constitution is not white.  It is a product of the greatest and most successful political tradition in human history, and its basic insights are the most anti-racist in history.  Since the AP has been peddling "racist anti-racism" it's about time for parents and teachers to speak up against this trash,  and to tell kids never to buy it.  Or, as Churchill had it, never, never, never, never!

It is high time to take our education system back from the new fascists, whatever color they claim to be.  It is their minds that are poisoned.  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. probably had both African and Caucasian ancestors.  Who cares?

These people are so deluded that truth may not make much of a dent in their skulls, but we must try.

Where to start?

The New Racism is just like the "Kill Whitey" theme peddled by Obama's portrait ah-tist, Kehinde Wiley.



"Inside Every Progressive Is A Totalitarian Screaming To Get Out"
                David Horowitz
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