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Very Hot Topic (More than 25 Replies) Trump = Chamberlain (Read 905 times)
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Re: Trump = Chamberlain
Reply #40 - Jun 14th, 2018 at 5:12pm
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forgotten centrist wrote on Jun 14th, 2018 at 4:52pm:
Of course he does.  Dictators are justifiably paranoid, knowing they are one coup away from being dethroned and propped in front of an anti-aircraft cannon.  Trump used the summit to play to his audience here in the US.  Kim did exactly the same thing.

And yet Kim immediately embellished and added things Trump didn't say.  Which he would have done anyway.  Just like he and his father and his grandfather before him have been doing to keep their grip on power.

Kim has a solid hold on his people.  When he needs to solidify it he just makes something else up.  Like he scored an 18 on an 18 hole golf course lol.  North Korean dictators don't need anyone's help to keep ahold of their power.

I made a parallel between Trump and Chamberlain (as stated in the title of this thread.)  There is no contortion needed -- the two quotes in the OP are very similar.  If Trump had a functioning diplomatic corps or communications service, they would have caught that.  He himself has no idea who Chamberlain is, of course, and doesn't care.

As for whether Korea will metaphorically occupy the sudetenland, we shall see.

This is what's sad about what's come of the left.  What Trump Derangement Syndrome has driven them to.  Context is no longer important.  It's like it doesn't even exist.  You might as well be a right winger quoting Clinton saying "What difference does it make!" and claiming it's her talking about the deaths in Benghazi instead of the reasons behind the attack that led to the deaths ... whether it was over the video like had happened just the day before in Cairo or whether it was a terrorist attack DID NOT matter.  I agreed and still agree with Hillary.  But the right has been having a field day ever since about Hillary's callous disregard for the death of an ambassador.

Context matters FC.  Don't be part of this bullshit.  You're way too crappity smacking smart for it.


The question isn't whether or not we're descended from monkeys.  The question is, when are we going to stop descending?
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