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My First-Born Son
Mar 2nd, 2019 at 7:42am
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My First-Born Son

My first-born son, hugger extraordinaire,
Tall, handsome, intelligent, potential to spare,
But with a sadness, a disquiet in his soul,
That I could sense, but never quite help him make whole.

He was deeply troubled by events in his life;
Sold his belongings and divorced his wife.
One morning his neighbor saw him walking away--
No note, no call, no "I'll be back someday."

So began three plus years of weeping in despair and pain,
Waiting and watching for any sign of him, but in vain;
Endlessly pleading with God to bring him back to me;
And even angry bursts at my missing son for doing this to me.

Then one uncommonly fair day in November
I got the one call that I'll always remember.
God had answered my prayer; my son would return
But, sadly, only as ashes in a gilded urn.

It was pneumonia that took him, the coroner said.
Some time later, in a twilight sleep on my bed
My son appeared, smiling and, at last, seemingly content.
He did not a single word speak
But I felt a light kiss on my cheek.
A tear came to my eye
Had he come to finally say goodbye?
Would we evermore be apart?
I think not. I heard it with my heart:
"I love you, Mom. Till we meet again."

"Life is what happens while you're making other plans."
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